Jan 30

Have you ever felt like ‘busy’ is the socially acceptable response when someone asks how you are?  Somewhere along the line we’ve conditioned ourselves to believe that if we’re busy, we’re killin it at the life game. Right?!  Busy = Success.


Don’t fall for it…its a trap.


The truth is (and I know this from experience), when we slow down and focus our energy on taking care of ourselves, we’re way more productive.  For reals.


Taking on too much at once is a recipe for disaster, and it affects us on all levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Learning how to listen to our bodies and say no some of the time, is a huge act of self care.


Don’t get me wrong I’m all about that hustle, and understand sometimes there’s a need for speed.  BUT if you’re not taking time out of your day to replenish and nourish yourself, you’re gonna hit a wall.


It’s like the safety procedure on an airplane – you’ve gotta put your mask on first.


When we take time for self care we’re able to be more present with ourselves and the people in our lives, we’re more productive with checking off that to-do list and, we open ourselves up for creativity to free flow in all areas.


But remember – your self care doesn’t have to look a certain way.  You don’t need to start an intensive meditation practice or commit to hitting the gym for two hours a day (although power to ya if that’s your goal!)


I’m suggesting to keep it simple, start with 5 minutes and do something that makes you feel good.  Maybe it’s getting your heart rate up with some jumping jacks or squats, or it could be sitting still and tuning into your breath.  Whatever it is and wherever you’re at – it’s perfect.


Honour yourself for taking the time, you deserve it.


xo Sandi

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